Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stick Out Your Can Here Comes the Garbage Man

Stop embarrassing yourself in front of others! Every time you try to toss a balled up scrap of paper into the wastebasket or recycling bin you miss by a freakin' mile. "Hey!", you might say, "I'm a librarian, not Larry Freakin' Bird! I know I'm a pathetic shot! Get off my back!" So very defensive. Gouger Library Supplies knows this is a sore spot for its many uncoordinated and nearsighted customers.

Never suffer the embarrassment of getting up from your chair to retrieve a bad throw again. Patrons and librarians alike will be in awe of your skills when you use the Suckular Circular File. This high-tech wastebasket is equipped with powerful sensors that will detect any object thrown within a five-foot radius. The powerful vacuum action then kick in and suck that lousy toss right into the trash. Handmade by the world famous wastebasket craftsmen of Trashkanistan, these attractive baskets will complement any library decor.

Staff and patrons will be in awe of your amazing shooting accuracy and range. Prepare to become a Library Legend with the Suckular Circular File. Not responsible for humorous accidents involving any body part or articles of clothing. Part of Gouger's Our Little Secret line.

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Item #213-Suckular Circular File-$24.95