Monday, February 09, 2009

A Steel of a Deel

That Danielle Steal. Here at Gouger Library Supplies we admire her hearty work ethic and her ability to produce at least one bestseller a week. We also admire her vast stockpiles of gold and the squadron of flying monkeys that guard it. We've seen them and they are so cool. That pact she made with Lucifer at the crossroads in Mississippi has paid off in spades.

While some foolish mortals may scoff at her prose as pedestrian, Danielle is popular where it counts. In the pocketbook. Book buying ladies can't get enough of her luxurious tales of glamor and intrigue. And what Librarian doesn't pick up her newest tome from the booktruck in Cataloging? Who can resist gazing at Danielle's newest picture on each jacket, peering up at you in all her wicked glory? Nobody. That's who.

That's why we here at Gouger are simply thrilled anticipating the riches we will rake in with the release of our newest Remainders of the Day. Our buyers have unearthed not just one, but an entire series of Danielle's earliest novels! These books were released by Slattern, a small paperback publisher that catered to a specialty market. Due to an extremely limited press run and a suspicious warehouse fire, these books have remained virtually unknown.

The saga of the Hough sisters is one that is sure to boost the circulation in any library. This multigenerational epic follows the fortunes of a family of poor women who discover a magical product that they can sell over and over again. But the path to riches is paved with both heartache and happiness. Ms. Steal's many fans will enjoy her first literary efforts, which reveal her evolving style and flair for drama. Gouger has bound this special edition in lovely dalmatian puppy leather, just like the coat the author has always so longingly coveted.

Order early. This tremendous literary find is sure to sell out wicked fast.

Item #214-Remainders of the Day-$59.95 per set of 7 volumes.