Sunday, June 07, 2009

Give In to Library Depression

Every librarian wants their book displays to be tidy and attractive. Patrons seem magically drawn to well-stocked shelves of books placed conveniently in their path. Likewise, your hand picked assortment of mysteries featuring cats or fishing with dynamite books will be ignored when the bookcase is a half-empty mess.

But, you've been so busy. The library has been a madhouse, half the staff has been laid off, and you've got professional meetings up the wazoo. There just isn't time to check and fill the display ten times a day. Don't worry, 'cause Gouger's always got what librarians need.

We've decided to revive a classic product from the 1930s. There's no need to worry when you've got our wondrous Self-Fulfilling Book Display. This Really Great Depression book case is so easy to use. Just pull the desired books from the stacks, unlock the back of the SFBD, and dump the books down the chute. Each SFBD unit can hold up to 500 volumes, so go thematically nuts!

When a book is removed from a shelf, the Self-Fulfilling Book Display immediately slides a new one in to replace it. And the sturdy clockwork mechanism means no added energy bills! Never again be host to an empty, lousy-looking display! Made of Gouger's exclusive Walnot brand "Wood", these handsome bookcases will last many centuries. Make an investment in better circulation and happier patrons. The librarians of the Great Depression survived and flourished and so can you. Your patrons need you more than ever. Shop Gouger today!

Item 218-Self-Fulfilling Book Display-$500 per 12 ft. unit