Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Through the Change With Gouger

Spring cleaning season is in full swing. For libraries this means lots and lots of donations. Mostly this is a good thing. Worn out former best sellers can be replaced with shiny new copies. Books that the budget didn't allow for now show up on the doorstep. All for free. Sort of.

For all of this swag comes at a cost. Specifically, the work-hours spent sorting through liquor boxes of musty offscum. It is estimated for every donated book that ends up in the collection, a librarian will screen two dozen books that end up in the landfill. It's such a waste.

But not anymore. The best minds here at Gouger Labs have invented a way to both expand your collection and free up valuable dumpster space. Behold the wonder that is the Donation Transformation Station! This wondrous machine takes literary crap and turns it into literary gold. Simply fill the hopper with a couple dozen trashy novels, archaic textbooks, torn magazines, and any other printed dreck you've inherited. Turn a few dials, press some buttons, then flip the switch. Presto! You've got a shiny new summer reading list classic. Hardcover, too.

Yes, Gouger has licenced over 1500 perennial schoolteacher favorites to choose from. Simply select from the handy menu. Get all the books your student population needs when they need them. The Donation Transformation Station is compact, lightweight and easy to operate. Purchase this innovative collection development tool. It will pay for itself in 20 minutes. That's a Gouger Guarantee.

Item #192-Donation Transformation Station-$1675

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