Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Be Full of IT

The children's game of Tag provides an insightful analogy to the adult working world. Everyone playing runs around all confused and there's lots of yelling and no direction. But most of all everybody tries to avoid being "IT". Because when you're IT, you've gotten tagged and now you suck. Others flee from you. In the grownup world that means you're stuck with some horrid task that everyone else has dumped. Budget Focus Group? You're IT! Revising the staff handbook by next week? You're IT! AND NO TAG BACKS!

Never be the "IT" Girl again with Gouger's patented Librarian Pocket Goo. You remember Goo. When you're touching Goo you can never, ever be IT. Powerful stuff to have and Gouger's got it. Our Goo you provides magical immunity in any professional situation where others attempt to pawn off their crapwork off on you. We can't show you this mysterious item, but rest assured it's the best Goo money can buy. So play nice and buy some now.

Item #152-Librarian Pocket Goo-$9.95

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