Thursday, January 24, 2008

Play Misty For Me

It's winter time again and all the library windows are shut tight. The heat is cranked up high and fresh air is just a silly fantasy. This is when the library's more mephitic patrons really become an issue. There's just no chance of escape from the trapped-indoors odors of the hygienically challenged. Eyes begin to water. Hold back those dry heaves!

There's no need to wretch any longer. Stop this smelly problem before it kills you with a Gouger Misting Security Arch. Strategically install these fine devices over each library entrance. Since they look like a regular "beeping" exit arch, they blend in with any library decor. Each entering patron is treated with an barely perceptible full-body spray. The Misting Security Arch arrives at your door fully assembled and ready deodorize the masses. As an added bonus, we've included an extra 10 gallons refill of our Downwind Brand destinkifying Misting Solution.

It's the arch that's unscented from heaven! Order immediately, because summer ain't gonna be any better.

Item #151-Misting Security Arch-$895

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