Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Hey! We're the Monkeys!

It is a proven fact that telephone salespeople are responsible for more librarians dying of boredom than professional meetings. Once they get you on the phone a library salesman can blather for decades about whatever overpriced crap they have to sell. If you hang up, they call back. If you tell them to go to hell, they just laugh. You begin to fear there is no escape.

Don't cry. Not only will Gouger never employ telemarketers, we sell just the thing to help you torment the firms that do. Since there is no way to shut them up, let the innovative Phone Monkey waste their time. As soon as some huckster starts gibbering, hand the receiver over to this adorable simian. Playful Phone Monkeys produce an assortment of realistic human sounds that mimic conversation. Some telegrifters have stayed on the line for hours!

Retribution was never so cute or so much fun! Patrons love monkeys and librarians hate salespeople. It's win-win. Order today and get a free traditional little monkey fez.

Item #150-Phone Monkey-$99.95

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