Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now About These Fines, Lady

Working at the Circulation Desk means dealing with the public. And dealing with the public means stress. Circulation staff are famous in the profession for painful ulcers, stress disorders, and uncontrollable weeping. If only there were some kind of therapeutic tool to help them cope with the repressed fury they struggle to control. Gouger has the tool that will do all that and more.

We've combined the traditional date-due stamp with a fearsome wooden mallet. You can almost see the catharsis happening with each checkout. Your circ staff will love pounding out their frustrations a couple of hundred times a day. As an added bonus, the mere presence of these hefty hammers pares patron pushiness by a prodigious percentage! Made of sturdy hardwood and reinforced with iron bars, the easy-to-use Patron Piledriver is a quality dating item. Make it the stamp of choice for your Circulation Gang.

Item #140-Patron Piledriver-$23.95 per pair

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