Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a Library Thing

As a Library Professional, do you long to break the rules? You know you do. Gouger has just the product to provide the cheap thrills you crave. If your library is like most, you've been warned to not to even think of touching a thermostat. In fact, the damn things are probably locked. It doesn't matter if there's icicles on the periodicals or the shelvers keep spontaneously combusting. It's just not allowed. It's a Library Thing.

Entertain your inner rebel with our new Thermostat Twiddler. This tiny stealth device instantly changes the library's temperature at your whim. Enjoy the comfort that you've yearned for. Or adjust the climate for your personal amusement. Think of the evil delight the next time some obnoxious group occupies the meeting room. Roast 'em or deep freeze 'em? One than the other? The choice is all yours.

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, the Thermostat Twiddler is a wondrous gadget for any MLS. And it's so simple to use! Just set the temperature you desire, point and click. Gouger Library Supplies. We're the source for sneaky library fun.

Item #145-Thermostat Twiddler-$14.95

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