Friday, April 24, 2009

The Black Hole of Calcutta Numbers

Hey Catalogers! Gouger has developed yet another fantastic product to make your life easier. Every cataloger on this spinning Earth hates, Hates HATES processing weird library materials. You know the kind of stuff we mean. A vampire novel with a blood red velvet cover. A kit with 3 books, a CD, 100 flashcards, a stuffed animal, and an purple accordion. The picture book shaped like a dump truck that has actual wheels and a working motor. Or even the worst - an electronic book gizmo that not only defies proper categorization, but is sure to break after three circulations. If all the fool pieces don't aren't lost first.

We can't tell you why your coworkers insist on purchasing these ridiculous items. Maybe they don't realize what a pain in the ass it is to process and circulate this stuff. Maybe they think they're being "innovative" and "cutting edge". They're misguided attempts needn't ruin your workday. It's not your fault they read too many of those silly professional journals. Let Gouger help.

Never waste another minute pondering how to attach a spine label to an item with no discernible edge. Push those unwanted and annoying items right over your very own cutting edge. It's all so easy with the new Catalogacombs. This innovative underground storage labyrinth will keep irritating realia and other wrong library materials right where they belong: deep, deep in the bowels of the Earth. And it's ready to use right out of the box! No digging, machinery or movement of any kind required.

Anne Thracks of the Bourne Free Library says "I couldn't run my department without the Catalogacombs! It's so roomy and there's never any annoying echo to give you away." That's a plus when snoopy coworkers come looking for their acquisitions. Down they go into the magma and I can get some work done". Catalogacombs. Only from Gouger Library Supplies.

Item #217-Catalogacombs-$2300

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