Saturday, January 05, 2008

Igor! Fetch Me the Reader's Guide!

Gouger Library Supplies has always been proud of our desipient line of merchandise for the discerning Library Professional. Our customers hold many important-sounding degrees in the Library Sciences. Ergo, they are scientists. And as scientists, Librarians deserve the help that other scientists have employed for centuries.

That's right. Be the first librarian in your consortium to have their very own Gouger Evil Laboratory Assistant! These quality henchmen live to do your every bibliographic bidding. Pesky patrons? Belligerent board? Monsterous meeting? Let your own personal Igor loose with the boiling oil and unholy monsters. You'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Their malevolent laughter and depraved eagerness to help will brighten your workday for eons to come. That's a Gouger guarantee.

So whether you plan global library domination or just want to finish your paperwork uniterrupted for a change, you'll love having an Evil Laboratory Assistant to lend a hand. Please specify male/female/whatever's scariest. Colors may vary.

Item #142-Evil Laboratory Assistant-$1500

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