Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't Be a Pusher

Librarians like order. They like neatness. Because a librarian's job involves finding things for people, we like things to be where they belong. This trait carries over to areas other than library materials. Chairs, for example. It is a rare librarian who does not automatically push in a chair as they pass by. And at the end of a work day, pushing in the chairs goes along with shutting down computers and picking up stray books. It's what we do.

Get that neat-as-pin look any time you want without lifting a finger. Invest in Gouger's So Inclined Chair Slopes. Place one of these easy-to-install automatic glacises under each patron chair. The next time that chair needs pushing in, simply press the appropriate button on the remote control (included). SICS lets you push in individual chairs or tidy up en masse at closing time. So simple. Activating SICS when a patron is sitting in a chair is not recommended. This may lead to equipment failure and general hilarity.

Item #187-So Inclined Chair Slopes-$67.95 each

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